$13 shipping per carton to capital cities (excludes Hobart and Darwin). Free shipping on orders of four cartons or more (two cartons of cutlery is equivalent to one standard carton).

Tableware. Bin systems. Composting the waste.

Events can create a lot of landfill waste.

Down To Earth Events eliminates this by offering compostable tableware, the bin systems and strategies to collect it without contamination and the composting of it once the event is over.

We also provide a Schools program eliminating up to 90% of landfill waste from the schoolyard.

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Why make it A Down To Earth Event?

Free Delivery On Orders of 4 Cartons or more!

Purchase 4 or more cartons and we'll refund you your shipping costs. (excludes wooden cutlery - you need to order 2 or more cartons)

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