Down To Earth Schools - A Whole School Approach to Waste Management


Down To Earth Schools
 has been created to assist schools (R-6, 7-12 and both) 
in diverting up to 90% of waste that would normally go to landfill.

It offers an assembly presentation, a student leader and staff presentation, workbook, bin signage and the products and services that are required to make this goal a success.

First time. Every time.

Initial and ongoing consultation is available and a Down To Earth Schools' certificate is awarded once the program is in place.

After consulting with local Australian school principals, students, teachers, councils and waste management companies this system provides a complete framework that covers all aspects of effective school waste management.

It offers guidelines for a whole-school approach: giving students an opportunity to lead the cause and the chance to collaborate and communicate with their teachers. While also encouraging students to take these habits and implement many of these ideas at home.

This is where The Down To Earth School's approach is different to other programs being offered.

Feedback received in the development of this program has shown that often one teacher becomes passionate about creating a zero-waste system within the school. But if and when that teacher leaves the school there is no one to pick up their program within the school hierachy and the school is often left to start again later down the track.

By putting the process in the student leader's hands from the start they are empowered with not just knowledge but in developing important leadership skills and having the best chance to have fun with the process, rather than simply enforcing new rules.

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