Waste Education, Training & Public Speaking

education programs

Down To Earth Events offers public speaking and workshops to events and festivals around Australia.

With a wealth of knowledge and 9 years experience on how to make parties and events more environmentally friendly Tina and Jonathan, the founders of Eco Party Box, travel Australia presenting to people who want to know more on these topics.

Topics include:

  • How to make your large event more sustainable (includes downloadable pdfs, workbooks etc);
  • How to make your schoolyard and/or event waste free. (See Down To Earth Schools link here);
  • A 30 minute presentation on "Why Sustainable Parties and Events Matter".

Get in touch with us here for more information.

We also implement waste management training so that event staff can carry out the task of environmental events independent of our services.

We offer:

  • On site event waste management training;
  • Public speaking on the importance of appropriate waste management at events;
  • Education materials to ensure environmental initiatives are best practice.