When your way of doing business is only just beginning to catch on...

Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to start or keep going in business, even if your way of doing business has not even been invented?

Capitalism, consumerism and competition go hand in hand.

But what if collaboration, cooperation and consideration were part of a new way?

I don’t mean to be idealistic ... but as we emerge from Covid19 with humanity severely shaken ... there must be a new way.

Introducing the idea of a “Syntropic Enterprise” - an organisation that leaves “everything better”.

It is based on the life work of the legendary Buckminster Fuller who famously, and controversially, said that he would never promote himself or his works.

He held the belief that humanity would adopt his new systems and inventions when there became a survival need, which would come about by evolutionary means.

With this in mind, find out more about The Down To Earth Movement and it’s latest project, the Down To Earth Cup.

More at www.thedowntoearthmovement.com

The Down To Earth Movement is a social enterprise that has retained its core values since it began Eco Party Box and Down To Earth Events in 2011.

It is in the process of attaining Syntropic Enterprise accreditation.