The journey toward Syntropic Enterprise accreditation

There is value from zigging when everyone else zags.

From always doing the right thing, when everyone else succumbs to compromise, just to get ahead.

That being: the promise kept, which gives you the opportunity to champion future leaders in the values of ethics and integrity.

Something that is being valued by young people on an ever increasing basis.

This is applicable to any business no matter how small it is right now.

Those youth have the foresight to see the mistakes made by businesses who have lost their market share after being found out for “dodgy practices” or simply for the hardships inflicted on humanity, primarily caused by consumerism, competition and a lack of consideration.

The dog eat dog mentality humanity has accepted as the norm is being shunned more and more.

With the youth being the ones saying... “we can do better... there must be another way to succeed in business!”.

That may involve success actually being redefined.

So rather than the old view of the accumulation of material wealth being the definition of success. Or currently, in this disruptor marketplace, the environmental or social impact a business has made.

Success is being perceived as more heart-based and this is an opportunity to invite and nurture those with similar ethical values.

It has been predicted that 79 million people will start a home business within the next 5 years. So there has never been a better time for leaders and entrepreneurs to plan for the future.

Keeping in mind that running a business is often a marathon and not a sprint.

And for those with an even bigger vision: knowing that if they plant a tree today, they may never sit in its shade.

When Eco Party Box began in business 10 and 1/2 years ago the idea of an ethical home-based online business, supplying only eco party supplies was, at best, deemed “cute”.

Yet it helped spawn a generation of those who are now aware of sustainability issues and are keen to develop better habits and do something about it. At least here in Australia.

Sure Government legislation has assisted in that awareness. But c’mon, it’s the entrepreneurs, those at the helm of social enterprise and those who buy their products and services who are making and are leading the change.

Government may champion the cause... but they are rarely the instigators of change.

Let’s stop and be realistic for a moment, It is Government that is quick to seize the opportunities associated with a trend rather than being proactive. And that has been the case in this environmental space.

After all they do want your votes.

In most industries and in most cases, they simply jump on the bandwagon when something becomes popular only after entrepreneurs and the general public have lead the way.

And as they are often perceived as the authorities they try to claim the high ground in leadership. But they are the reactors. Not the instigators. 

For those looking to change the way “business” is done and want information on this “new way” of organisational stewardship, which is based on the life work of the legendary Buckminster Fuller, get in touch!

Or to see it in action visit

There is a project currently underway that finally fixes the problem of disposable coffee cup waste. It requires the help of new partners and investment.

Be sure to send a message if it interests you.