One Proud Dad - Space Jams 2023, Alma's Hem , Inman Valley, SA

I must say in my role as CEO of Down To Earth Events I sometimes feel rubbish. IDown To Earth Events Compostable collection from Space Jams 2023, Elma's Hem, Inman Valley, 2023 don't like to trash talk myself, but it's been like my whole life hast been waste-ed.
But since bringing my kids into the business, like I did this weekend, at Space Jams at Alma's Hem in Inman Valley, South Australia, my life just got a whole heap better.
They were high-5ing people with passion when they chose the right bin. They were smiling, laughing, having mostly a great time, in between crushing cans, changing bin liners and sorting through the garbage.
Down To Earth EventsSo to my team of "employees", that's Jorell, Sunnie and Asher Hart, I love you so much and you've just made your Dad so proud.
Special thanks to Josh and Emma, the crew and all the muso's for making us feel welcome and for creating a fun, chill and festive vibe.
Money raised from the sale of the cans and bottles will go to Support Act, at Josh's request.