Mission Accomplished!

When The Down To Earth Movement team began writing to and petitioning South Australian ministers regarding banning some disposable plastic tableware back in 2016 it honestly didn’t expect that within 5 years there would be such a turn around in attitude.

Having started its first business, Eco Party Box, in 2011 the team knew quite well of the compostable and reusable alternatives and were frustrated that the general community was not taking them up quicker.

That habits were staying the same.

When the ban came into affect as of March 1 this year the team chose not to take much credit for it. As it’s always been a team effort anyway.

As in, without loyal customers who care about the environment, change wouldn’t have been possible.

The team was really just pleased to see it come to fruition.

A ban is just the start though. Championing leaders in sustainability, regeneration and syntropy is the next step.

And a project focused on home compostable disposable coffee cups, that meet the AS 5810 Australian standard for home compostability.

Come find out more about the cup project and The Down To Earth Movement at www.thedowntoearthmovement.com