Introducing The Down To Earth Movement and its latest project...

Have you ever wondered if there are businesses that say no to great opportunity because their core values are potentially compromised?

10 and a 1/2 years on and not one of the values from the team behind The Down To Earth Movement has been sacrificed. But we have had to say no along the way...

We still:
*package our Eco Party Box products in compostable packaging (when bulk breaking);
*take a stand against greenwashing on party products and sustainable packaging;
*turn down opportunities if it means it brings more plastic into the world;
*operate an online business, so we can be available for our children when they need us;
*supply home and commercially compostable and reusable party products;
*educate people to the importance of sustainable packaging and eco party products;
*collaborate and assist others in learning about how to be sustainable and about how the sustainability industry has evolved;
*deliver world-class online solutions that bring everyone up to speed and champion future leaders.

As the first solely eco-focused party business in Australia, back in 2011, we love that the trend for sustainable products is now booming!

We may not be in every retail store but we are still online at

Doing what we’ve always done... providing a service which “makes everything better”.

And the team is leading the country again...

It is now in the process of attaining Syntropic Enterprise accreditation.

A recognition of the ethical standards held and systems already created and that continue to be developed.

It is based on the life work of the legendary Buckminster Fuller who famously, and controversially, said that he would never promote himself or his works.

He held the belief that humanity would adopt his new systems and inventions when there became a survival need, which would come about by evolutionary means.

Taking his works into account, find out more about our latest project, the Down To Earth Cup, and how you can partner or invest with the Movement to make it happen.

More details can be found at

It is the world’s first home compostable cup to meet the Australian standard AS 5810.

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